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Pro Detailing & Car-Wash Tips (for the amateur) by Ohio Detailing: Part-1

Let Ohio Detailing share shed-some-shine on how to detail like the pros, at home! In Part-1 of our car, pickup truck, suv, and motorcycle wash-and-gloss series, we’ll share some terrific tips and tricks pertaining to achieving brilliant pampered paint!

Spring Equinox Countdown & Your Dirty Car Cure

The Spring Equinox is One. Week. Away. As interesting as that fact is, here’s something more interesting: With recent weeks and months as evidence here in the Buckeye State you should be in disbelief at that fact, but no matter how deeply rooted our shared denial is when glancing at the calendar, we can surely […]

Coupons & Discounts? We’re Not Discount Detailers, HERE’S WHY!

Bulk, Wholesale, Quantity, Production, Volume, Cheap — Words That Will NEVER Define Ohio Detailing What WE DO at Ohio Detailing is provide a professional ON-SITE service that is 1,000% BETTER than our competition. Although we are aggressively priced at Ohio Detailing to match–or in many cases eclipse–any so-called savings you might get elsewhere, it isn’t […]

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